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Free Comic Book Day next week!

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On next Saturday will be Free Comic Book Day, when you can go to a comic book store and get special free comic books! And at the Comix Connection comic stores in Mechanicsburg, PA and York, PA, you will get a special minicomic about the Evil Wizard’s Assistant! There are… Read more »

Art Kaleidoscope poster

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Here’s a poster I drew for the Art Kaleidoscope meeting coming up this month on November 29 at 6:00 at the Midtown Scholar bookstore in Harrisburg! You should come. You’ll get to meet me! I really had fun making this poster. Click on the picture to see a bigger version!

ANOTHER PUBLISHED COMIC: Sonic the Hedgehog #230

I don’t believe it, but Archie Comics put another of the fan comics I sent them into another of their Sonic comic books!! I’m so excited! Here’s what it looks like in the book: And here’s my version: It shows Dr. Eggman turning Tails into a Legion cyborg! It took… Read more »

Sonic Universe #33

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In the new issue of the Sonic Universe comic book, #33, published by Archie Comics, there’s a special comic printed in the Fan Art section. It’s from Samantha P. in Pennsylvania! Yes, THIS Samantha! 😀 Go buy it! The comic shows Scourge the evil hedgehog and Zobotnik, the Warden of… Read more »