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Locust Moon Comics Festival/New Comic Tonight!

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There will be a new comic tonight. Sorry for the dealy-I’ve been busy prepariung for the Locust Moon Comics Festival coming up in 2 Saturdays here in Philadelphia, PA! On October 5th, you can come meet me, Andrew (the real person) and buy lots of exclusive comic books with brand new… Read more »

Summer Hours

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Happy summer! Enjoy the cicadas! For a while here, I’m just going to update the site 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will make it easier on me as I continue recovering from my hand injury. I’ll change that header as soon as I’m able! -Andrew “Samantha”… Read more »

Still Delayed…

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My apologies (and thanks) to everyone anxiously awaiting the next strip. I’ll be working through my injured hand over the next several weeks, and given the medication I’m on and the general state of my body, it can be a chore just to do simple things. This July 4th update… Read more »

A Slight Delay

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Hello, folks! It’s Andrew, the cartoonist behind Samantha, breaking the fourth wall to say that I’ve had a couple hand injuries recently and I may be a bit slower to post because of it. Today’s comic should post later in the day, and I hope to make up for Friday’s missed… Read more »