Merry Christmas!

Samantha is too busy playing with her new toys to post a comic at the moment, but before Christmas is over, we will have the explosive ending to “Snow White and the Christmas Present!” Stay tuned!


Welcome, New Friends! (Update Tonight)

A big hello and thank you to the people who’ve now heard of me through the Locust Moon Comics Festival that took place on Saturday. It was great to tell you a little about my comic and I’m glad you took a look at my work!

I put so much into getting ready for that show that I don’t have a new strip to continue the adventures of the Evil Wizard’s Assistant (part 1 here) today. But I intend to! Please enjoy the archives in the meantime. Check the site tonight at around 8:00 and we’ll see what happens with those seagulls.

EDIT: Finished! Thanks for your patience!


Locust Moon Comics Festival/New Comic Tonight!

There will be a new comic tonight. Sorry for the dealy-I’ve been busy prepariung for the Locust Moon Comics Festival coming up in 2 Saturdays here in Philadelphia, PA!

On October 5th, you can come meet me, Andrew (the real person) and buy lots of exclusive comic books with brand new stories in them by Samantha (the character)! Chocolate candy will be there. Deluxe gift book editions of Tales of Love (with brand-new strips) will be there. Brand-new, long stories about Little Circle and Surrender will be there. You should be there!

Hope you enjoy tonight’s comic. On Wednesday the Evil Wizard’s Assistant’s Quest storyline will resume!


Summer Hours

Happy summer! Enjoy the cicadas! For a while here, I’m just going to update the site 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will make it easier on me as I continue recovering from my hand injury. I’ll change that header as soon as I’m able!

-Andrew “Samantha” Davis