My Brother the President, Part 5

By Samantha and big brother Aaron. Don’t forget to vote!

4 thoughts on “My Brother the President, Part 5

  1. I love the Gir in the third panel! I’m a huge fan of Invader Zim so that really made my day the first time I read this one. Also, “Nothing does change in politics.” Gosh, I love this comic. xD

      • Yay for Easter eggs! Also, didn’t the alien in that panel say “Scotty? I thought we were supposed to be Latinos!” before? Now he’s saying “Scotty? We’re Scottish now?” I’m just curious why it was changed.

        • I did change that joke! I took out the references to the aliens being Mexican because it was a silly pun but a dangerous topic. When I made that comic last election, things seemed a little less hostile towards our friends south of the border, and long story short, I don’t want to… *alienate* anyone

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